Holding a grudge against an ex-classmate

By Independent_Gear_561

I just wanna get this off my chest because it's been on my mind for more than a year. So here goes nothing.

Back in secondary school, I was friends with this ex-classmate for all those 4 years we've been together. And I'm just gonna say this upfront that he's one of the most insufferable people that I've ever met. All this while, he has bullied many individuals; truth be told, I was also one of his targets. He's done plenty of uncalled-for things, including making insensitive remarks, snapping at me (one such incident which occurred during a Physics lab session remained etched in my mind ever since), insisting that I always follow his lead however ridiculous the situation may be, mocking me and my best female buddy by attempting to depict us as dating on countless occasions (even going as far as to insinuate that we had engaged in sexual activity) despite me imploring him to stop, etc. Anyhow, I tolerated his inane antics and forgave him every time he wounded my feelings, because back then I was being really idealistic in wanting to maintain good relationships with everyone (which I'm still beating myself up for). We subsequently went our separate ways after the 'O' Levels, with me entering junior college and him studying at a polytechnic.

For Project Work in J1, I, like most folks, asked my former class to help with the surveys that my group prepared. One day, as I was collating responses, my eye caught sight of the one penned by that particular ex-classmate. In it, he insulted not only me, but my mum as well; he even made crude sexual innuendos about her. Needless to say, I was shocked. Later that night, my groupmates got wind of this and sought to ensure I was all right (bless their hearts). Shock somehow morphed into outrage. No thanks to him crossing the line big time, he got others untowardly concerned about my welfare. The fact that he could even craft such abhorrent tripe clearly demonstrated that he saw this whole PW affair as just another joke for him. The next morning, I ripped into him (without giving away his name btw) on my secondary school class Whatsapp group chat. Hours after, that ex-classmate texted me and put on a show of fake concern, asking me if I was okay, who did this to you, blah blah blah. Initially, I waited for him to simply come clean and apologize but as the charade wore on, I grew impatient and so I confronted him upfront about it. Well guess what, he denied having authored anything, even attempting to deflect the blame with his flimsy excuse of being "framed" by someone else. That's when I had enough. I blocked him and from that day onwards, I never spoke to him again.

As the year went by, memories of his previously toxic actions in secondary school returned in flashbacks, causing me only to grow increasingly disgusted at how he could have treated me like this when I was trying my hardest to be nice to him. Up till today, I resent him more than ever. I refuse to even utter his name, god willing I will never cross paths with that bastard again in my entire life.


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