Feeling like a small fish in a very huge pond

By randomguy64727

I am a JC1 student with much pent-up angst ever since lectures and tutorials commenced 3 weeks ago and frankly it's been getting worse with each passing day.

I did well enough to enter one of the top 3 junior colleges COP-wise; while I was initially overjoyed about finally going to a good school given that I hailed from a neighbourhood secondary school, I now feel terribly lost as well as uncertain.

Previously I always ranked among the top few in terms of academic performance, however these days I reckon I am below average compared to others - everyone seems to grasp concepts faster than me, not to mention a lot fare way better than me in class tests. Realistically speaking I didn't expect to be anywhere near the crème de la crème, in fact all I wanted was to be average, then again I don't know if I even qualify as such. It sucks when I am studying for 85% of my waking hours, yet I am still not doing well.

Suffice to say, my self-esteem is at an all-time low. If anything,things are probably only going to go further downhill.

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