On Disciplining Students

By Teo Kueh Liang

I refer to the report, “Disciplining students becoming a trickier issue with lack of parental support, teachers say” (TODAY, Aug 31) which I feel is worthy of deeper contemplation and analysis.

As we know, Singapore's education system has undergone seismic transformation throughout the decades - today, it encourages vigorous but tempered discourse between both teachers and students in the name of free expression.

Kids who are born into this knowledge-based, technologically pervasive era understandably tend to possess an innate inquisitiveness; that being said, “challenges” put forth to their teachers must always be done in a rational, respectful manner.

Unfortunately, more than a handful of secondary schools still encounter instances of unruly, possibly even vulgar misdemeanors that run contrary to societal norms - these obviously warranting some form of punitive discipline.

As far as parents are concerned, in the event their child is hauled up for whatever it is he/she got himself/herself into, the meaningful way forward is to remain level-headed whilst attempting to establish the facts, rather than just turning confrontational or defensive.

We should also trust our teachers to have the compunction to right wrongs dispassionately.


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