I was bullied in primary school... by my own damn teacher

By bluecheeseplate

Call it tough love, but the way she handled the 'weaker' students in her class still riles me up, so much so that if I ever see her today, I'd punch her. She was a tyrannical matriarch and while she praised the smarter students, the ones who fell behind were outright called 'idiots' by her. I shit you not, she called us idiots. And when the rest of the class began calling us idiots as well, she just sat there and smiled. The f**k.

Hell, I remember one time we were doing some math shit on our personal little whiteboards, and we had to write down our train of 'workings' to show how we got to the answer. I had a Math tutor back then who taught me an efficient way of solving that particular equation, which involved skipping a few 'working' steps, and I thought it was so brilliant, I chose to do it his way.

She took one look at my answer, smiled, then accused me of copying another student's work because I was usually the weakest math student, and flatly asked me if 'I thought I was so smart'.

Oho, I'm not even done yet. There was also one incident where she was returning our textbooks which she kept for us. When she was left with a single textbook, there was no name printed on it, and two students were still without anything - myself and another boy. I was dead sure the book was mine even though I forgot to paste my name on it, because of the plastic sleeve with a tear on it. The other boy thought it was his too, but then remembered his didn't had a sleeve and told the teacher it was mine.

The teacher didn't believe him and tried to give it to him anyway, and when I loudly insisted it was mine, she relented, all the while telling me that 'God will strike down liars with lightning'. Lady, f**k off.

TL;DR bad primary school teacher.

Edit: I remembered another story! Though it's a lot more pettier than the others. Again, it involved the whiteboards and our working problems on them. So this time, me and a couple others didn't get the answer right, and she responded by throwing away the whiteboards. One girl before me, her whiteboard hit the wall and shattered. That teacher didn't lift a finger to do anything, and the poor girl had to pick up the biggest piece among the remains and continue with her work. Bitch teacher threw mine too, but I got lucky and it kinda slid into the area between the blackboard and the wall.

I'd like to think she's the reason why I hate math.

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