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The Independent

► Parents must not abuse, ill-treat or torture their children since they were the ones who wished to bring a child into the world

► Former NUS student alleges she was blindfolded, forced to hold hands with 3 boys and pick who she liked most during orientation

► School canteen food prices increased, but the quality & quantity of food portions decreased

► Man asks if he should continue his relationship with his girlfriend, a teacher who works 14-15 hours a day, or find someone ‘more family oriented’

► He Ting Ru: We owe it to our teachers to protect their mental health

► “I will end your life right now, man. Shut your mouth b***h!” — Video of student threatening teacher at St. Andrew’s School circulate online

► ‘Singaporeans owe a debt of gratitude to all teachers’ — The Workers’ Party salutes educators on Teachers’ Day

► ‘Your parents brought you up perfectly!’ — Single mum thanks two ITE Simei boys who helped take care of her baby at JB customs and got her home safely

Rice Media

► Afraid of ‘Saying the Wrong Thing’ About Racism? Speak Up Anyway.

► Are Singapore’s Teachers Actually Prepared to Teach Our Students Sex Ed?

► Singapore Is Safe, But Is It Enough to Let Kids Go to School by Themselves?

► Are Gen Zs F*%king Up The Workplace?

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► Fostering Independence: Growing Up in Singapore’s Foster Care System

Another Dot In The Blogosphere?

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Digital Senior

► Why it’s not the end of the world if you do badly at the A-Levels

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Kiasu Parents

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The Raffles Press

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