Bless your heart sir, and screw you mdm.

By Efficient_Alps_9856

This morning I took a huge dump at home and as a result was 30 minutes late for school. Panickedly dashed ino a lecture theatre, only to discover my classmates weren't there. So I politely approached a female teacher nearby: "Hi, I’m sorry I’m late, could you assist me in finding out where my class is seated at?"

She curtly exclaimed: "Excuse me?" Yeah the b**ch was like hey I can't be bothered, go locate them yourself.

Contrarily the male teacher standing right beside her was extremely amiable; he requested my name and civics tutorial group, then took out his iPad to perform a quick search. All this while she wore a self-satisfying smirk on her face, taking obvious delight in seeing my sweaty, nervous self frantically yammering away.

"Ah, you are expected at LT8, and your allocated seat is XXX. Do you know how to get there?"

Bless your heart sir, and screw you mdm.


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