Got kicked out of polytechnic, feeling terribly lost

By Scxox

I have been officially removed from my course at Nanyang Polytechnic for failing a module twice - this comes after the exam results were released a few hours ago. I just completed my second year of studies and being given the boot right now means I have essentially wasted 2 whole years for nothing. Gosh my blood is running cold.

Frankly, I have only myself to blame. I never took things seriously enough all along and am therefore reaping the consequences.

I plan to cancel my current national service deferment and enlist ASAP. As for my disciplinarian parents, part of me is hoping the school would dispatch either a written letter or e-mail to inform them directly because there's no way I can muster sufficient courage to personally break the bad news.

If you must know, I previously upset my folks plenty with my wayward behaviour back whilst in secondary school (illegal smoking incidents, getting involved in gang related stuff, countless complaints lodged by teachers etc), but I vowed to reform, and I made good on that promise. Then this untimely dismissal had to happen; honestly I can't bear witnessing their heartbroken faces yet again.

How I wish I could simply bury my head in the sand and wish away all these problems at will.


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