Relief teacher who hurled vulgarities at student dismissed by school

By Alvin Low

So, news reports confirmed that the teacher who was caught on video hurling vulgarities at her student was actually a relief teacher.

Apparently, the secondary school in question had also confirmed that the relief teacher is no longer employed by the school after this incident. Makes you wonder what kind of relief teachers they have. No doubt, the person was just relieving the duty of the actual teacher, who was not around for some reason or another. And of course, the students were also at fault for making life difficult for the relief teacher. But the reaction of hurling vulgarities back at students is definitely wrong at all levels.

The relief teacher was young, and untrained, according to reports. Again, makes you wonder why they would place a young and untrained teacher alone in a class, knowing full well the teacher cannot handle situations such as these. Are we really running out of teachers? Are teacher's jobs too much of a burden, that teachers of a good caliber are hard to find.

Again, this incident smacks of feeding an unexperienced, untrained young teacher to the sharks. This is what happens.


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