A cautionary tale about SMU Law's game-based assessment

By ResourceGlass

I recieved the email for a game-based assessment around 12:30pm. 30 minutes later, I began my attempt, finishing only at 4.15pm.

Now, you may be wondering why it took me so long considering how SMU claimed it would on average require just 40 minutes to go through the entire thing. Truth be told, I was stuck in a hell of my own making.

All the games save for the very last one were nothing special - I got them wrapped up in like, 20 minutes, easy peasy. Then again, that would mean I spent a whopping 2 hours and 55 minutes to finish the last game? Surely that can’t be right?


The final game was essentially a reaction time test where you have to stop a rotating grey area the moment it overlaps with another specific area. Simple enough. Fyi there are 5 levels, each comprising 5 stages; failing at any one point meant you must restart from scratch. As mentioned earlier, while the first four levels were deemed pretty straightforward, I am more than convinced that conquering level 5 stage 3 and beyond is humanly impossible.

After your first attempt which you will inevitably fail, you are therein accorded an exit button to hit whenever you desire, thus ending the entire assessment. For the next 3 hours however, I refuse to succumb.

I am not a religious person, but in those last 3 hours I reckoned I'd probably muttered more prayers than I ever did in my entire life. Based on repeated intense scrutiny by yours sincerely, the rotating grey area overlapped with the shaded area for a mere 0.00001 seconds, even so I might have been overly generous with my estimation. Everytime I fell short I had to replay all prior 22 stages.

This GBA ain't no game, it's a torture device methodically fashioned to antagonize those too weak to click on the exit button.

Anyways, when it was truly all over, we received an analysis of our individual personalities.

After 3 whole hours of non-stop back and forth, the GBA surmised that I “am less likely to bounce back from setbacks”.

Wow. If there is a god out there, he is most definitely a prankster.


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