My classmates are extremely disruptive!

By Rextheguy95

Let me begin by saying the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) did not turn out well for moi, which meant I had to contend with being chucked in some half junkyard school. Anyhow, I resolve to grit my teeth and study damn hard to reverse my fortunes at the 'A' Levels. Most unfortunately though, a number of my classmates would, more often that not, act rather rowdily in class - heck that's a gross understatement, if anything they are super f**king disruptive.

These monkeys repeatedly show up late for lesson, stir a helluva ruckus upon entering, of course not forgetting them always mucking around incessantly as well as outright refusing to take heed of teachers' instructions. Whether it's a lecture or tutorial, they never fail to make utter fools of themselves to the detriment/annoyance of nearly everyone else. Any attempts to rein them in would only "incentivize" them to dial up their unruly behaviour.

I have no idea if it's because they're retainees or what, but Jesus f**king Christ how is it possible they could be totally devoid of even the slightest EQ cum social awareness for those around them actually wanting to learn and improve??? Worse still, they get egged on time and again by a mere handful of buffoon spectators.

Take my poor GP teacher for instance, she spends half the lesson chiding them and guess what happens?

They taunt her with the exact same misdemeanors when she next encounters their lackadaisical, recalcitrant asses: sloppy dressing, undone homework etc

I really feel sorry for her, it's like she's bloody Sisyphus attempting futilely to roll a rock up the hill. Every time she leaves the classroom I'd swear she shaved 5 years off her life.

In the end, they aren't just pulling themselves down, they are pulling the whole goddamn village down.

I am now at a complete loss; I yearn to ace my 'A' Levels, yet I might have just been prematurely doomed no thanks to a bunch of brain dead jokers.


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