Budding entrepreneur with 3.0 GPA in polytechnic unable to go to a local public university

By MoguIsRetard

I will be graduating soon from a polytechnic. I took a keen interest in entrepreneurship all this while and poured everything I had into pursuing my dream of becoming a business owner.

I am therefore proud to state matter-of-factly I managed to distinguish myself from my peers, having taken on numerous large scale projects including social-driven ones, of which some are now immensely successful in their own right. Additionally, I own a startup that is consistently generating profits and therefore deemed ripe for expansion. Despite all the news coverage, business accolades won as well as recognition lavished on moi I feel more demoralized than ever due to my inability to attend a local public university.

My current GPA stands stagnated at 3.0; despite my best efforts of late I could never pull it up. I got in touch with the school management and was informed I might possibly qualify for consideration under a special entrepeneurship route. Then again, my hopes were shattered upon subsequently learning I missed the minimum GPA requirement of 3.2 (by a hair's breadth!) insofar as this route is concerned.

I have accepted that I could only blame myself for the way things turned out, that perhaps I shouldn't let academics play second fiddle to my other endeavors. Still, I can't help but feel exasperated at how an overachiever like myself ultimately ended up being sidelined because my grades almost, but never made the cut.

Guess one is better off studying hard than heeding the government's call for dabbling in his/her creative aspirations.


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