Poly student with near perfect GPA rejected by top local universities

I am currently a polytechnic graduate who graduated with a 3.93 GPA; I am also a bronze medalist in Business.

I applied to NUS, NTU, SMU, SIT and UniSim. However,only SIT made an offer. I do not intend to accept my place in SIT as I am aiming for the top 3 local universities I also do not intend to start working yet.

Am terribly distraught and wondered what went wrong as I’m sure I’ve met all prerequisites and have a fairly impressive portfolio with better than decent 'O' Level grades.

There is also a handful of my poly friends in the same boat as me and we thought that this has happened because the local universities may have given admission preference to 'A' Level holders.

Hence, I want to know if this might be true. And if it is, how should I go about taking the 'A' Levels (preferably in 2017 or 2018)? Some of my polytechnic seniors actually attempted this and made it into NUS subsequently. Sadly, they’re uncontactable now.

Any advice where I can take cheap/heavily subsidised night classes conducted by MOE or government affiliated education centres? I understand MOE conducts night classes for students retaking their 'O' Levels and am wondering if they provide similar assistance for 'A' Level candidates.

Do advise. Thank you!!

This anonymous post first appeared on the Facebook page of NUSWhispers on 1 August 2016. Do head over there and offer your thoughts and advice.


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