My dad watches me via CCTVs, is this normal?

By PrizeAd7709

My father has long since installed a whole network of CCTVs all over the house, like literally in every conceivable corner. Once I needed to change my clothes, so naturally I turned away an intruding unit before doing so (I forgot to return it to its original orientation afterwards though). Guess what? He screamed his head off upon returning home. Apparently he was monitoring things from work but got cut off; I could vividly recall him fuming and shit, warning me not to “f**king mess with my CCTV ever again”.

In the mornings when he sends us kids to school, he usually goes down to the car first while I take a little longer to get ready. Recently my sister went down together with him, as usual I was still packing this and that. In the meanwhile he kept tracking my movements through the various CCTVs - I know this because my sister recounted the details to me afterwards. Is this normal or am I just being creeped out for no reason?

Today during dinnertime (fyi there’s a CCTV pointed right at where I always sit at the dining table) I accidentally spilled some soup; the next moment he stormed out of his room to give me a good dressing down - this could only mean he had been watching me eat the entire time, seriously wtf???


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