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The Independent

► River Valley High School death: teen murder suspect remanded one week by police; psychiatric assessment complete

► 16-year-old murder suspect in River Valley High School killing allowed video call with his parents

► Netizens comment on the efficacy of MOE’s proposed buddy system

► Pritam Singh is proof you don’t need an ‘elite’ education

► Parents ‘aggressively’ hit daughter at void deck, sparks concern from witnesses

► Singapore severs ties with a university of protestors and spies

► Unhappiness still being expressed over closure of Yale-NUS, despite assurances from Chan Chun Sing, MOE

► “She must be so freaking stressed from exam period”: Netizens contemplate why schoolgirl was seen lying on concrete ground

Rice Media

► Singapore’s Education System: Luck, Hard Work Or Prejudice?

► Three Teachers Speak About How Race is Taught In The Classroom

► 8 Takeaways From Raeesah Khan’s Speech About Sexuality Education

► The Lessons We’re Still Learning Too Slowly About Mental Health and Suicide

► Singapore Deserves Better Mental Health Narratives From Our Media

► What If We Just Let Go Of ‘Every School A Good School’?

► Built on uneasy compromises: The young women behind BooksActually speak up

Vulcan Post

► This NTU grad created S’pore’s first brownie-cookie snack – earned over S$150K in a year

► The highs and lows of BooksActually: Is this the end of a chapter for the S’pore bookstore?

Yahoo News

► Primary 1 Registration: What Parents Need To Know About Primary School Balloting

► Police arrest boy, 16, for alleged killing of River Valley High School student

► River Valley High death: Parents to see accused 'very soon' – defence lawyer

► 'He was holding an axe': Chan Chun Sing recaps River Valley High School incident

► River Valley High death: ST apologises over juxtaposition of case and Axe Brand Oil ad

► Primary 1 places for Phase 2C double to 40, Phase 2A1 and 2A2 to combine

► Home-based learning, study breaks for primary school students ahead of PSLE

► BooksActually saga: Singapore literary community disavows Kenny Leck amid allegations

Ignite Media

► Read the Room, Singaporeans

► Zoom University: Lessons from our Senior (Citizens)

► There’s More to the Modern Life Path

► Excuse Me, Are You Really A Singaporean?

► Is Chinese Privilege Really “Entirely Baseless”?

► I Tried Making Friends Online, and Here’s How it Went


► Being Single For 26 Years — Why It’s Fine Despite Societal Expectations, As Shared By A Millennial

► 10 People Share Their Experiences With Racism In Singapore & Why It’s Important To Speak Up

► Singapore Art Museum Now Has Mahjong Murals In Town, So You Can Take Běi-utiful Shots For The Gram

Coconuts Singapore

► Singapore student, 13, killed with axe at River Valley High School

► United in grief, Singaporeans mourn slain teen student

► Call the police, River Valley High killer told schoolmates: education minister

► Singapore church jeered for blaming ‘sin’ not mental health for student slaying

► St. Joseph’s student fell in common area after break, school says

► Singapore school ups its game with new esports lab

► Singapore students appeal to retake exam botched by ‘horrendous’ accents

► Quit clowning: School sorry for terrorizing Singapore with child-luring clowns

► BooksActually owner accused of preying on young staff to step down

The Raffles Press

► Wading Against Covid-19 Currents: Student Feature

► Maskfishing: Of Making Friends And Forging Relationships

► To Be A More Human Human: A Look At The Very First Year of MLEP

► Please Mind The Platform Gap (Universities Edition): Deep Springs College

► Teachers' Day 2021: Bet You Didn't Know!

► Teachers' Day 2021: Before I Was A Teacher

► Teachers' Day 2021: We Like To Move It

► Teachers' Day 2021: Just Joined

► 1823 Trees: Rooting For A Greener Singapore

► Rank it! PENS, PENS, PENS!

The Wacky Duo

► Review of Geniebook

► Top IT courses in Singapore

► Lost in translation: MOE letter in simple English

► Primary 1 places reserved for phase 2C to double from 2022; which schools may not require balloting?

► Arrangements for the PSLE

The Octant

► The Octant Explains: How Expensive is Yale-NUS, Really?

► Baffled, Cheated, and Frustrated, But Trying to Hope: Yale-NUS Deferred Matriculants Share Their Perspectives on “Merger” and New College

► Will the New College be “a paragon of academic freedom in Singapore” like Yale-NUS?

► The New College: Fantastic Hopes and How It (Probably) Can’t Achieve Them

► “Destroying Crops Before They Are Ready to Harvest”: Yale-NUS Alumni Release Statement

► NUS President: University-Wide Restructuring to Include School of Computing; Yale Offered to Help Yale-NUS With Fundraising