This year's PSLE Maths exam has left many kids broken and dejected

The infamous coin problem which appeared in paper 2 - evidently both poorly phrased and darn challenging

According to the voluminous rants posted on the Ministry of Education's Facebook page this year's PSLE Maths exam (recently held on 1 October) was an utter abomination; numerous parents recounted how their kids teared up on the spot or pummeled their desks out of severe frustration because of the inexplicably tough questions encountered, then there were those who shared that some candidates literally "begged" for a time extension so they could complete their papers. Even more lamented how they had to assiduously prop up crushed spirits and inconsolable souls during the immediate aftermath of the exam itself, in certain cases to no avail. Did the education ministry go overboard, or were folks just making a mountain out of a molehill? Have a gander at the screenshots provided below, and decide accordingly. Regardless, here's hoping the remaining papers wouldn't end up being as eventful as this.

Editor's Note: The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) has since responded to press queries, saying: "All examinations have a range of questions with varying difficulty that cater to the wide range of abilities of our students. We would like to encourage all students to stay the course and be reassured that having done their best, there will be multiple pathways of success."


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