Tips for junior college students

By lousymangoman

With the recent release of my 'A' Level results, I thought it'd be nice to share things I wished I knew before embarking on my 2 years of junior college life.

In School

• Seek enjoyment as far as acquisition of subject content knowledge is concerned: don't perceive learning as mere mundane and obligatory, instead strive to derive satisfaction in understanding new concepts and applying them correctly thereafter.

• Utilize allotted breaks well; complete your homework during longer breaks and rest up during shorter ones to conserve energy for lessons subsequently scheduled.

• Academics-wise do not fall drastically behind or be ensnared by vicious cycles of having to play catch up: always attempt your tutorials before they are reviewed in class and keep pace with the lecturers.


• Understand, rather than simply memorise concepts; anyways with each core subject comprising 20+ topics, it's near impossible to memorise everything.

• Discover learning methods which work for you, in addition explore note making strategies such as mindmaps, lists, tables etc. Bear in mind whatever works for your friends may not work for you.

• Consult your teachers whenever possible - it is much more efficient getting queries sorted out in 3 minutes under the guidance of a tutor than going in circles for 30 minutes on your own.


• Find the right folks to hang out with because they do to a certain extent shape your attitude towards studying.

• Don't be fixated on a person or crush: realistically speaking, your 'A' Level results are much more likely to affect your future than some cute girl or guy.

• Stop comparing grades and feeling demoralised because your friends fared better than you; everybody learns at different paces and it's far more important to put in consistent effort. That being said, don't feel too comforted should you flunk an exam alongside the entire cohort - at the end of the day remember you are still competing with the whole of Singapore when it comes to the actual 'A' Levels and .....I think you know what I am probably driving at.

Lastly, never place excessive pressure on yourself to do well! As long as you're consistently studying both hard and smart, I'd say you are on the right track. Should you feel really drained from pulling countless all-nighters, know that too many batches of students have equally "suffered" just like yourself; looking back years from now you'll surely realise those blood, sweat and tears shed was worth it. All the best and god bless!


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