Education Minister Ong Ye Kung should resign if he refuses to close schools to protect our students

By Lim Tean

Mr Ong Ye Kung you have made a seriously bad judgement call; for the honour of Singapore's political system you should close all schools TODAY, at the same time re-consider your position and allow a politician who is capable enough to make tough decisions ahead take over!

When will the education minister resign I wonder? He has refused to shut down schools, despite surrounding countries already doing or having done so. I have repeatedly called for the curriculum to be delivered online via e-learning instead of permitting lessons in physical classrooms to continue, yet my advice has fallen on deaf ears even till now!

Yesterday it was reported that a 12 year old boy became the first Singaporean student to test positive for the coronavirus infection.

Perhaps Mr Ong is waiting for 100 cases to ensnare the country? Will he then find sufficient cause to close schools if this figure is attained?

This first appeared as a post on the Facebook wall of Lim Tean on 28 February 2020. Do join in the discussion over there if you have thoughts to share.


I wish our government will grow a heart, two ears and two eyes.

The elites running Singapore have gotten it all wrong.

How silly can an Education Minister get?