The elites running Singapore have gotten it all wrong.

By JustLikeThis

The value system preached by the elites leading Singapore doesn't appear to be correct.

After our founding fathers, we had elites running Singapore for decades. These folks hardly communicate policies to the masses in palatable formats: foreign talents are good for Singapore, GST helps the poor and reliable transports means fare-hikes, every school is a good school etc, happen as mere vague statements.

"You need not understand where I am coming from, You Just Need to Trust Me. Why should you absolutely trust me - my impeccable academic track record coupled with distinguished stints in the civil service or military say it all. Your future is bright because we are leading you the ordinary people", the elites advocated.

Eventually, we drifted apart from them. In a way, they lived in their own worlds, or perhaps, we can no longer catch up with the frenetic pace of life in Singapore. Those who turned out less successful ain't any lazier than the elites in terms of working their asses off, it's just that they were dealt a harsher hand insofar as opportunities and access to resources are concerned.

Pray tell, what's most repugnant about these arrogant, elitist uncaring souls in the present day?

That many remain indifferent to the the plight of the common man, choosing to enslave rather than serve. They no longer know what we want, neither do they care about our aspirations. Yes there are indeed feedback channels supposedly "promulgated", but how many actually bother to listen?


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I wish our government will grow a heart, two ears and two eyes.

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