Bankruptcy petition served on Jeanne-Marie Ten by NUS

A bankruptcy petition was served on Miss Jeanne-Marie Ten after she had failed in her legal battle to obtain a Master of Arts in Architecture from the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The 48 year-old posted a picture of the Bankruptcy petition on her Facebook page on Friday (27 Dec). This was after she had failed to respond to an earlier Letter of Demand sent to her on 9 Dec, asking her to pay a total of $177,843 in legal fees.

Miss Ten had commenced her degree in Jan 2002 and was scheduled to graduate in mid-2005 but her candidature was eventually terminated by NUS in September 2006. The root cause was a dispute Miss Ten had with her supervisor over the use of her work in applying for a grant.

Engaging three different law firms during the duration of the suit, Miss Ten sued NUS for breach of contract, misfeasance in public office, intimidation as well as negligence, and implored the court to grant her the degree.

Her suit was eventually dismissed.

NUS later said that it had sought to resolve the matter amicably, including facilitating the conferment of the degree. Three offers were made to her in 2011, 2017 and 2018 but she rejected all of them. Additionally, she did not respond to NUS’ 2014 proposal to go for mediation.

In a judgement, the High Court latter found that “there was no evidence that Dr Wong had plagiarized the Plaintiff [Ms Ten]’s work”.

The Court judgement added that Miss Ten “has only herself to blame. She allowed her view and distrust of Dr Wong to cloud her judgment in her interaction with those she complained to”.

This was reproduced with permission from editors of TR Emeritus.


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