Dear mainstream media, you serve the readers, not the government.

By Bertha Henson

Dear MSM,

What in heaven’s name is happening to you? Stories that are based on statements and Facebook posts. No additional reporting. No insistence on getting answers. No extra interviews beyond the usual ‘experts’. Is the G telling you cannot do this or cannot do that? You CAN say no, you know.

I know there are a few good exclusives here and there, but the bulk of your content is diary work and G pronouncements. You must get at least your core content up to standard and not simply be happy that there is ‘news’ to report. Your professional pride should be more important than the need to protect the G from possible brickbats or listening to G men who want their agencies to look good or don’t want to give info coz scared of more ‘trouble’.

Please INSIST on info and tell all those G-men to go fly kite. You serve the readers, not the G. The G should know that if you look stupid and lose credibility with readers and viewers, it hurts them even more. If they don’t know, TELL THEM.

A concerned reader

This first appeared as a post on the Facebook wall of Bertha Henson on 21 December 2019. Do join in the discussion over there if you have thoughts to share.


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