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Coconuts Singapore

► As Disney and K-pop stars, teachers delight students with that ‘ddu-du ddu-du du’

► Missing schoolgirls spotted at Seletar Mall after case goes viral

► Singapore millennials are role-playing as boomers online and it’s hilarious

► Singaporean mother complains to education minister over ‘unreasonably tough’ Mathematics PSLE paper

Rice Media

► Are Singapore’s Teachers Actually Prepared to Teach Our Students Sex-ed?

► This is What a Typical Primary School Student’s Schedule Looks Like Today

► Can Giving Students the Independence to Teach Each Other Improve Learning?

► How to Be Less Terrible at Adulting: Start Reading Children’s Books

► What Growing Up Privileged Taught Me About Being Malay


► NTU Environmental Engineering


► Discrimination faced by a needy child on FAS scheme

► Appeal for education minister to waive off unpaid school fees and return result slip to students

► Famous theatre-maker advocated for release of results after almost never getting his O level results due to school fees owed


► Bring the kids on a ridge-top hiking trail at the newly-opened Gallop Extension, Singapore Botanic Gardens

► Go look for Ruins of an abandoned Hainan Village at the new Thomson Nature Park

► East Coast Park has a new (& FREE) Cyclist Park with 2 Circuits & Nature Playgarden!

► A Frozen Wonderland at Changi Airport: What to See, Do & Play

Growing With The Tans

► Things Didi and Meimei Say / Do #7

► Things Didi and Meimei Say / Do #8

► Amanda the Panda (Outdoor Play Keeps Myopia Away)

Jonathnan's Junkyard

► The Singlish Controversy by Professor Lionel Wee: Chapter 4

► The Singlish Controversy by Professor Lionel Wee: Chapter 5

► The Singlish Controversy by Professor Lionel Wee: Chapter 6

► The Singlish Controversy by Professor Lionel Wee: Chapter 7

►The Singlish Controversy by Professor Lionel Wee: Addendum

The Raffles Press

► Every Little Thing: Teachers' Day 2019

► Mental Health Awareness Week: Im'perfect

► TEDxYouth@RafflesInstitution

► Behind The Counter: Student Librarian For A Day (Part 1)

► Behind The Counter: Student Librarian For A Day (Part 2)

► 5 km2: Of Ruins And Roadway Detectors

► Where Does The Fruit Go?

Kiasu Parents

► My Child Is Struggling In Primary School, What Do I Do?

► My Child Is Struggling In Primary School, What Do I Do?

► To Raise Happy, Healthy Kids: Put These Three Items On Your Child’s Schedule

► Help Your Girls To Love STEM: What You Can Do Today

► When Hard Work Doesn’t Lead To Success: Are You Doing These 5 Things For Your Child?

► Could Your Child Have A Learning Disability? Know The Signs And Seek Help Early

► Raising Helpful Kids: 3 Research-Backed Facts That May Surprise You

The Independent SG

► Moral instruction can come from stick drawing, a Singaporean dad did it!

► RGS’ condescension, CPF stonewalling, unrepentant elitism: The ugly side of politics of dominance

► Singaporean father distraught over having to pay for daughter’s education at private university because “the local universities don’t consider her good enough”

► Activist raises more than S$10K to pay school fees for needy children

► Lim Tean ‘POFMAd’ by Education Minister for false statements in two FB posts

► Results slip saga: where the rich and poor collide


► 53% of S’porean graduates work in jobs unrelated to their degrees: Study

► 1 in 10 S’pore teachers give paid tuition, MOE monitoring to ensure teachers aren’t distracted

► After skipping 6 months of school & going to Boys’ Town, S’pore teen graduates 1st in class with PSLE score of 163

► S’pore parent receives backlash after complaining pre-school child ‘always’ released 5-10 minutes early

► Rooftop garden in Spectra Secondary School teaches students values & feeds those in need

► More than 1 in 4 of 15-year-old students in S’pore report being bullied in school a few times a month

► 6 special education schools lower fees by at least 25% for S’poreans

► MOE responds to claim that student barred from getting PSLE certificate due to S$156 outstanding school fees

► What’s the point of doing well in school if S’pore students are afraid of failure?

► S’pore teacher explains why teaching students higher level concepts may actually be demoralising

► S’pore parent writes ST forum letter saying December school holidays too long, children ‘very restless’