Stay Far Away From These Tutors/Teachers/Agencies 5

Yes we condemn every single one of them named here, because they have sullied the private tutoring industry's reputation with their morally reprehensible acts, which include fraud, molestation, cheating and illegal drug use. The net has been cast wider to also name mainstream school teachers and public university lecturers, because it is not unlikely some may attempt to blend in and take up tutoring assignments in the coming future. We urge you to keep your distance; if you still choose to engage their services, consider yourself warned. (Note: This is NOT a smear campaign, only reports from the most credible news sources such as The Straits Times, AsiaOne, Channel News Asia and The New Paper have been cited here. In a completely dispassionate fashion to add.)

1. Miss Tan Jia Yan

Full Write-up At AsiaOne News

2. Mr Sim Eng Chee

Full Write-up At The Straits Times

3. Mr Xu Feng Jia (Tuition Agency Owner)

Full Write-up At Channel News Asia

4. Miss Celesta Ee Qiying

Full Write-up At The New Paper

5. Mr Tan Chin Tai

Full Write-up At Yahoo News Singapore

6. Mr Chan Cheng

Full Write-up At Channel News Asia

7. Mr Terence Siow Kai Yuan

Full Write-up At AsiaOne News

Editor's Note: It was further established that Mr Terence Siow Kai Yuan worked as a full-time Maths tutor during his suspension by NUS.

Screenshot of profile listed with a tuition agency (Image Credit: Mothership)


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