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► Muslim schoolgirls approached over volunteer program, not stopped for checks: police

► Singapore’s Media Literacy Council apologizes after drawing flak for listing satire as ‘fake news’

Rice Media

► The First Singaporean Teacher To Come Out Did So in 2007. Have Things Changed Since Then?

► NUS’ New Measures On Consent Education Are Still Inadequate

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► I’ve Taught JC for 25 Years. This is What School Life Looks Like to Me

► We Forget That Singapore Was Built From Dissent and Resistance

My Lil Bookworm

► Walking With Dinosaurs - The Live Experience In Singapore

► The Lab - A Coding School Backed By Highly Trained Professionals

► Bad Posture Is Detrimental To Your Kids - Here's A Simple Way To Prevent It


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► Common Engineering at NUS

► Doing Law in New Zealand

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► SmartGames for families

► Singapore NDP 2019

► Johor Waterfalls Pelepah hiking with family

► Touch Giving Festival 2019

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► New Primary school grading 2021 : Everything you need to know

► National Day Rally impact on Family - Lower Preschool and Tertiary fees, Higher Retirement age and a Disneyland?

► Illegal for kids to fly drones if proposal passes in Singapore

► Family Activities during Haze Season 2019

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► I have two parents

► A very unusual AY2019/20 Semester 1: I won't be on campus at all

► The Singlish Controversy by Professor Lionel Wee: Introduction

► The Singlish Controversy by Professor Lionel Wee: Chapter 1

► The Singlish Controversy by Professor Lionel Wee: Chapter 2

► The Singlish Controversy by Professor Lionel Wee: Chapter 3

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► So Long, and Thanks for All The Yong Tau Foo

► Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 Preview

► Ecolit Travels: Have You Been To Ubin?

► Stacking the Shelves: An Interview with the Head Librarian

► National Day Celebrations ‘19: Our Singapore

► Teachers’ Day 2019: Bet You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

► Teachers’ Day 2019: Bet You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

► Teachers’ Day 2019: Just Joined

► Teachers’ Day 2019: If I Wasn’t a Teacher (Part 1)

► Teachers’ Day 2019: If I Wasn’t a Teacher (Part 2)

► Raffles Reads: How to Make Friends With the Dark by Kathleen Glasgow

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► National Day For Kids: 20+ Videos For Learning About Singapore

► How To Choose Assessment Books For Revision

► A Primary 4 Reading List, Shared By A St. Margaret’s Mum

► The IB Experience: What’s It Really Like?

► Back To School: 5 Reflection Questions For Parents

The Online Citizen

► With billions in reserve, why are university fees in Singapore still on the rise?

► MOE sets low benchmark for foreign scholars to retain their scholarship programme

► How much Singapore spends on scholarships for foreign students compared to other countries?

► NUS seeks to attract overseas Singaporean academics via grant — but many professors previously left due to high research output requirements

► NUS asked to explain fee increases despite having huge reserves; it replies it didn’t increase this year

► Joseph Nathan: Singapore cannot afford to become a contentious and litigious society

► Yale-NUS College’s cancellation of programme on dissent “of serious concern”: Yale President

► Online users furious after NUS undergrad molester only gets probation due to good grades

► SUTD student alleges copying of auto mailbox prototype by SingPost, laments “pathetic state of innovation” in S’pore

The Nanyang Chronicle

► Food Kakis app plans shelved after slow take-off

► Two campus cats killed this year spark safety concerns

► New fake news laws are a short-term fix

► Thrifting: the cure to fast fashion


► NTU responds to complaint about inappropriate cheers & games at freshman orientation camp

► NTU investigating video of students performing obscene cheer during freshman orientation camp

► S’porean teacher who died from cancer gave hope to ‘average’ students from brand-name & neighbourhood schools

► S’pore teacher shares what it’s like to spend 6 years teaching inmates in prison

► From 2nd-class citizens having lessons in corridors to SAP school, St Nicholas Girls’ School has come far

► Why do students in S’pore with poorer grades think they’re not worthy of returning to see their teachers?

► NUS 2019 freshman Science Faculty pageant cancelled as student dies in unrelated incident

► S’pore mother of Primary 6 boy makes police report after son caned by school’s discipline headmistress

► Yale-NUS President: Dissent & protest legitimate objects of study

► A pair of 25-year-old NTU engineering students open bak chor mee stall in Ang Mo Kio coffeeshop

► NUS undergrad molester avoids jail because he has good grades & ‘potential to excel in life’

► Online petition started to show displeasure that NUS undergrad molester didn’t get jailed