An 18 year old me would never expect to even make it past 20.

By miss_adora

Long ago I felt so down and I would cry every single night until I fall asleep. Everything seemed hopeless back then.

At some point in time I watched a TV program where celebrities came on the show to share their personal stories. There was this one guy named Eric Mun who spoke at length about how his tightly knitted clique was dangerously close to getting disbanded during their national service days.

I don't remember much of what he actually said but I'll tell you anyways.

Eric was worried everyone was drifting apart so one night he called his dad and asked: "How do you keep this family together?" The latter then responded: "You can't just cut things away clean with a knife." That hit me. I was 18 back then.

Ever since that day, I strive to become a better person. It's hard but I am turning 23 next month.

An 18 year old me would never expect to even make it past 20 because she's not ready to become an adult and be held legitimately responsible for her actions. Thank lord music served as my escapism; because of music that I listen to, one thing led to one another and here I still am - alive and well.

To whoever is reading, this, I hope my story encourages you to keep going, even when you feel there isn't any reason to do so.

With plenty of hearts and hugs. 💕


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