Who says Singapore school teachers are overpaid?

The Varkey GEMS Foundation 2013 Global Teacher Status Index revealed respondents in Singapore felt that our teachers were overpaid by about $5,000 annually - almost 14 per cent higher than what they perceived to be fair. A tutor who was a former school teacher explains in greater depth why he thinks this just isn't the case:

"I still fail to see why people believe that teaching is an overpaid job.

It is a job that does not end at 1pm or at 5pm, as most people think. When you come back from school, you continue to work till late at night, sometimes midnight or past that. When else do you think teachers find the time to mark your child's worksheets? When else do you think teachers find the time to plan the lessons for the next day? And this is after a long and tiring day at school where you face energetic and boisterous children both during lessons and CCAs, who no longer have as much respect towards the teachers as in the past. You barely have 5 - 6 hours of sleep before waking up at 6am to leave for school. This is a routine that is repeated almost every weekday. The only time you can have more than 6 hours of sleep is during weekend (which teachers with children might not even have the luxury of as they have to spend time with their own kids).

Some people think oh, but teachers have long long holidays! They fail to consider that teachers do not have annual leave and they are not allowed to just go on holidays anytime they want. The only time they can go for vacation is during June and December, which is the peak period and coincides with the highest price for plane tickets, hotel stay or tour price. Even if you stay at home, there are still work that you have to do during the holiday - preparation for the following year, remedial and supplementary classes (during June holidays), preparing worksheets, meetings during the first and last week, etc.

Let's not forget that teachers are given the responsibility of teaching your children. Teachers are the main driving force of the education system and teaching is the profession that creates all the other professions. Without our teachers, we wouldn't be where we are today, would we?"


The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 21 October 2013


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