My friend's tuition centre dream turned into a 5 year nightmare.

If you think big bucks always roll in with the setting up of a tuition centre, think again. For every individual who succeeds, there are many others who have failed miserably. Netizen winth recounts the ordeal his tutor friend endured whilst trying to get his foot through the door of the supposedly lucrative tuition centre business:

" My friend was a full-time tutor and was earning good money until he decided to open his own tuition centre.

He had set up his centre in one of the most prominent tuition hubs in Singapore. For the past 5 years, it was like hell for him. He couldn't sleep well, suffered poor relationships with his family and barely had enough to spend, after deducting all the revenue to pay his teachers, rental, course materials, utility bills. In order to recoup his losses, he almost wanted to open another centre (for the hope of more revenue since he felt that his fixed cost should only increase marginally), but it was a blessing that he didn't.

He finally gave up after 5 years, sold his tuition centre away and went back to full-time tutoring. We avoided this friend of ours for many years too as he kept coming to us for loans and all the lies he told us so as to hide away from his real situation. It was really bad.

In total, he loaned about a $100K from his mum over the past 5 years, plus his own savings and couldn't recoup his losses.

Tuition centres might not be look like such a very lucrative business as it seems. And if you are not careful, you might end up with huge losses. Please think through carefully.

My 2c worth."


The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 11 October 2013


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