National University of Singapore (NUS),

National Institute of Education(NIE),

Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC)

BSc (with Merit: CAP of 4.35)- Major in Applied Mathematics ,

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)(Specialisation in teaching Mathematics at Secondary School Level)

Kranji Secondary School

Full time private tutor

'O' Level A Maths Tuition,

'O' Level E Maths Tuition

Blk 372, Bukit Batok St 31, #02-372, Singapore 650372


Ms Jolyn Ang has 12 years of experience (and counting of course) in teaching Secondary Additional and Elementary Mathematics. A former school teacher at Kranji Secondary School, she has accumulated vast experience in setting examination papers as well as the knowledge in marking scheme. Ms Ang is patient and committed to ensure every child's learning progress is monitored. She also engages students in Inquiry Based Learning and adopts a variety of methods to help students handle examination questions. The sheer number of students whom Ms Ang teaches every year is a strong testament to her effectiveness in improving the results of her students.

Who devises the curriculum?

Ms Ang has years of experience in teaching and setting examination questions. With her knowledge in the marking scheme, students will be well prepared on the answering techniques to present the answers and essential working to get full credit.

Why small group tuition?

Small group tuition allows her to pay close attention to every student. Students tend to feel more comfortable in voicing out their doubts in a small class (max 6). She notify parents as soon as she notices that the student’s performance is deteriorating.

What does she do during the lesson?

Firstly, she collects homework at the start of each lesson. Short tests are given if a chapter has just concluded. She subsequently teach the materials for that day, followed by practice questions to be done in class. She ends off by going through the marked assignments and individually review their mistakes. Students will bring home selected questions to be completed and submitted by the next lesson.

What will your child learn at the end of the day?

She teaches and summarizes the important concepts that are involved in each chapter. By exposing them to a pool of carefully selected questions, this ensures that the student is well prepared for the examination. Nearer examination period, she gives out school papers and ensure that they get the required timed practice.

How does she help your child score?

Ms Ang have years of experience in helping students excel in `O’ level mathematics. She has devised her own set of comprehensive notes and solutions comprising of different levels of difficulty, compiled from school examination papers. This increases the exposure to a variety of questions as well as to meet the needs of diverse learners. She updates and review our notes on a regular basis and ensure that they are up-to-date with MOE’s syllabus.