2023 Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts' List of "Exotic" Public Studying Areas

How the years have flown - it's been exactly an entire decade since we first went snooping around the little red dot in a bid to personally bring you alternative recommendations of study venues which could substitute for always languishing within some yawn-worthy public library nearby, then again there's probably still a whole lot waiting to be unearthed. Hence pound the pavement we did for the 11th time, and true enough new, pretty offbeat (some even unsavoury, yikes) finds were made en route like previously. Anyways, cutting to the chase, presented herein is our latest tabulated sundry list of destinations, 'em non-PG13 ones weeded out naturally:

1. Alexandra Queensway Park Connector

How does getting all immersed in revision with both butt and books virtuously planted on a classic double-sided garden swing right under some flyover sound? Then head over to the Alexandra Queensway Park Connector, more specifically the section in the vicinity of Queen's Close where you will undoubtedly encounter this rather clandestine enclave adjoining the bidirectional Queensway roads. PS: The abovementioned sweet spot is also etched (in red) on a map screenshot appended for your easy reference below; do note going there after dark when surrounding street traffic typically ebbs to a trickle ensures the world revolves just about ya.

Image Credit: Google Maps

2. Sims Vista Market & Food Centre

Awarded the "Top 5 Cleanest Food Centres Island-Wide" in 2007/2008, this sprawling hawker hub along Sims Place remains spanking clean with a capital 'S' even till today, oh yes our photos taken can very much attest to that. Therefore, feel free to show up onsite any day, anytime past 4pm (most stalls would have already shuttered ad interim) and you shall truly be in danger of melding with an inevitable stillness reverberating throughout....

3. Nee Soon Central Community Club

Unveiled only last November, its premises exist as some odd protuberance jutting from Northpoint City mall's south wing. Multiple bright-coloured booths as well as snaking benches scattered here, there, everywhere thus means one needn't jostle for real estate, ever. Overtly ghost town vibes permeate affairs come late evenings, the rest you know the drill.

4. Foyer Beside Balestier Hill Shopping Centre

A deafening yet rapturous silence invariably reigns amidst rows of ancient ass, nondescript shop units surreptitiously busying themselves with who cares what, so you can't possibly feel intruded upon. Seats are aplenty within the abutting foyer, so make yourself comfortable accordingly, blah, blah, blah.

Remember, always observe proper decorum when studying in these public areas; when you need to walk away, WALK AWAY. Being confrontational is pure stupidity. HAVE FUN, AND GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR TESTS/EXAMS!