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The Independent

► Digital Singapore: More schools accepting cashless payments

► Children Textbook Recall: ‘Bloody satanist symbol’ found in Primary 2A Chinese textbook, Publisher to recall all distributed copies

► 4th NUS professor sacked over inappropriate behaviour (sexual misconduct) in 18 months, Netizens ask ‘Why NUS so many cases?’

► College girl emotionally hurt because her friends hardly include her in their gatherings, asks, ‘Why am I being rejected all the time?’

► International school students hold boxing match in void deck, flee the scene when police arrive

► P4 student refutes Zaobao piece questioning Chinese education standard; says they enjoy Chinese classes

► 30-year-old ex-hotel sous chef delights Deyi Secondary students with laksa, noodles and more even if they can’t pay, can even order via Instagram

► Did some NUS Business School students go maskless during orientation activities, causing over 20 participants to get Covid?

Rice Media

► Is Feeling Seen Enough? Mental Health Talk On Social Media Is Missing Nuance

► The First National Survey on Suicide Was Conducted — The Results Are Chilling

► School Exams Are Not the Issue — Insufficient Unstructured Time Is

► This Way Out — Millennials Recall Growing Up Under Toxic Mothers

► “Ma! Kor Kor Hit Me!” — The Sibling Bullying We Too Easily Dismiss

► Transitioning on TikTok — Trans Teen Medli Loo on Hope and Starting Again

► This Father’s Day, I’m Coming to Terms With My Dad’s Emotionally Absent Love

Wake Up Singapore

► Netizens criticise NUS’ proposed tougher enforcement on alcohol to “curb sexual offences”

► “The story of how I found it was insane” – Student’s MacBook returned after viral plea for help

► Lawyer of cheating law student asks public to forgive and give them a second chance

► President Zelenskyy wears shirt designed by Singaporean teenager Ava Soh for speech at Shangri-La Dialogue

Goody Feed

► 8 Pri Schools & 10 Sec Schools Merging As S’poreans Aren’t Having Enough Babies

► NUS Investigating After They Found Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs in Their Hostel

► 6 Trainee Lawyers Cheated in 2020 Bar Exam; 5 of Them Shared Answers Via WhatsApp

► Law Society of S’pore Might Not Admit Trainee Lawyers Who Cheated in Bar Exams

► SMU Prof Leaves SMU After Allegedly Lying About Her Published Works

► 1 of the Trainee Lawyers Who Cheated in Bar Exam Has Spoken Out; Said He Was in ‘Ill Health’

► Food Stall in NTU Allegedly Had ‘Halal’ in Its Name But It’s Not Halal-Certified

► A Teen Has Been Trying to Get Lawrence Wong to Notice Him By…Looking Like Him

► NUS Students Reportedly Ignored COVID-19 Rules During Orientation

► MOH Confirms First Death of an 18-Month S’porean Toddler Due to COVID-19

► Dad of Kid Who Died from COVID-19 Related What Happened Before His Death

Kiasu Parents

► Strained Relationship With Parents

► Why You Should Stop Telling Your Teen That JCs Are Better Than Polys

► P1 Registration 2022: “What Will I Lose Out By Not Choosing My Alma Mater?” And Other Questions You Were Too Afraid To Ask!

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► Don’t Despair Even If Your Child Doesn’t Get Into Medical School

► Does Your Child Need a Tutor, Coach, or Counsellor?

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► P1 Registration 2022: What Primary Schools are Singapore Parents Searching For?

The Raffles Press

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