[Post-Exams] Tip(s) for students seeking jobs during the holidays

By bubblepuppies12

Never, and I repeat, DO NOT count on securing employment when you approach this middleman hiring agency called 'Recruit Express'.

You may have heard bad things about them before, and I'm here to verify that they're accurate for the most part. You might have come across plenty of advertisements posted by them on Telegram as well as Fastjobs/other job portals, and while I'm not saying don't apply to them at all, do keep in mind that a good 70% of the time those positions you applied for (via them) will not ever materialize. The recruiters there often do not revert and thus have your arse guessing what on earth has happened; as such should you still choose to respond to job events run by them always ensure you already have a plan B of sorts set in motion, lest you are left hanging high and dry.

Just to add, you might be invited to attend an 'interview' on occasion, however it will most likely be unrelated to the job you applied for in the very first place - people onsite will just sit you down in their offices and instead attempt to entice you with a whole slew of other weird gigs (which, I mean, isn't that bad if you're open to taking on multiple roles).

TLDR: Go ahead and register your interest with job opportunities put forth by Recruit Express, in the meantime look elsewhere too.

Psssst another tip - if you encounter advertisements seeking tuition coordinators, do NOT apply or sign up. I recently attended a briefing held by one such company, only to discover folks there were in fact peddling a massive MLM scheme LMAO.


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