Dad: Go learn some skills instead of taking on a part-time job.

By minntastical

I just completed my 'A' Levels in 2017. I am pretty free from now till about August/September. I have applied for some internships and in the event I am not accepted at all, I wish to take on an office administrative job.

Truth be told, I have zero working experience. Zero. Z E R O. I didn’t attend those industry experience programmes in secondary school or junior college because I was always holidaying with my family. I have never even worked in retail or whatever other industry. No McDonald's, no Burger King, nothing.

My dad is extremely against me taking up this administrative job because he says its a waste of time and that I will merely end up doing free labour. He insists that photocopying stuff, answering phone calls and running to Starbucks to buy coffee for people is not going to look good on a resume. Hello, nobody writes those stuff in actual detail right?

Not to mention I don’t even know how to use a photocopier so me figuring things out on the spot would make for quite a sight.

He wants me to spend the upcoming eight months or so sitting at home learning a new skills such as coding, playing the piano (I can already play LMAO)...., something, anything. He says citing these on my resume would give me an edge.

Moreover, he counters that we are not poor and therefore I don’t need to resort to finding employment in the outside world just yet. My friends, who are working/about to start work, feel offended and I myself also am offended on behalf of them.

I agree that acquiring new skills is useful. Especially coding in particular I reckon. I know basic html, pretty fun but damn irritating to structure. But, the f**k is wrong with an office admin job? What’s wrong with working at a desk? He argues that at least in internships, I can probably learn something really meaningful.

I am wary of the working world. I know it’s not the same as studying. I know it is harsh. I can see myself experiencing a huge culture shock. I NEED this admin job in case I am not accepted into an internship program. I need to learn how to handle myself, how to deal with strange people like those in call centers/customer service. I WILL be learning, and he doesn't seem to get that.

The f**k am I supposed to do??

EDIT: My dad has since relented, but that does not mean I ain't going to upgrade myself in the meanwhile!

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