Part-Time Jobs With The Best Benefits In Singapore

By Neha Gupta

Economic growth in Singapore missed estimates during the quarter which ended in September last year.

Further, economists estimated that the economy would decline during 2019. The weak outlook is due to increased global trade conflicts as well as slowing growth in China. Nonetheless, this is not to say that life in Singapore will get any cheaper.

Singapore has one of the best living conditions in the South East Asian region. This is for the reason that all of the luxuries that one might need are readily available. However, the cost of living in the city-state is quite dear. Notably, one would need a net monthly income of S$3,978.85 on the lower side to afford all the basic needs plus a few luxuries. This, however, heavily depends on the lifestyle that one leads.

Nonetheless, it is starkly evident that one might need to supplement their day job with a bit of part-time job to make ends meet. Interestingly, a few of the jobs require sophisticated skills while most of them can be accomplished just easily. Luckily, Singapore is teeming with part-time jobs that can help boost income.

Of these jobs, some of them pay well while others might not offer much in terms of compensation. Further, some of the jobs that pay well require a bit of skill and they are highly demanding in terms of effort and commitment. Some of the best paying jobs are highlighted below.

Part Time Stockroom and Warehouse Assistant

Singapore is a prime shipping location that connects the Asia Pacific to other regions of the world. This is to say that a lot of cargo passes through the country’s territorial waters as well as container ports. In December last year alone, the Port of Singapore registered 11,723 vessel arrivals. This converted to goods of the gross tonnage of around 235,007.18.

For the containers terminating at the port, most of them end up at various warehouses to unpack. Here, a lot of manpower is required to accomplish the task as well as check for the safety of the value-added goods. On average, the job pays between $13 and $15 per hour.

Despite the ongoing global trade conflicts, container traffic through Singapore is on the rise. In 2017, the city-state recorded over 8.9% growth in container traffic as a result of “a reshuffle in the shipping alliances.”

Further, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is working on a program to increase the value-add of the shipping industry by S$4.5 billion. In effect, this will create over 5000 jobs in permanent jobs. Interestingly, the program will result in the growth of warehouses and hence an increase in part-time jobs too.


Singapore is growing rapidly as the global destination for expats and other high-net-worth individuals that are looking for a fine-living environment. Interestingly, most of the expats living in Singapore would want to sample the unique cuisines in the country. Further, they conduct most of their business in big hotels and restaurants.

In most of the neighborhoods populated by expats, social amenities are in plenty. Interestingly, all these places demand services of receptionists to deal with the high traffic. Particularly, one will simply be required to greet visitors and show them to the right places. Also, the receptionists perform simple tasks like clerical support as well as general administrative jobs. Interestingly, one can earn up to $2,400 in a month on a part-time basis.


Singaporeans live on the fast lane, and most of them are busy running their companies or accomplishing major tasks at work. Notably, they spend over 80% of their time pursuing career goals and objectives which implies that they have little to no time to tend their houses. Interestingly, some are attempting to automate as many of the housekeeping tasks as possible. However, there remains a need to hire actual human hands to accomplish some tasks.

If you are looking for a part-time job and you have housekeeping skills, you have an opportunity to indulge the skills. In Singapore, the occupation is quite glamorous and well-paying. A housekeeper has all the flexibility one might desire in a part-time job. In essence, you will decide when to work and for how long. Further, you will get up to $16 per hour for merely going in and cleaning someone’s house.

Brand ambassador

Singapore is a prime destination for global brands from near and far. Further, increasing competition among the firms is fueling a massive demand for advertising opportunities. Given that the media landscape is somehow saturated, firms are going the brand ambassador way.

Notably, a brand ambassador will push the product or even service to the general population. The aim is to influence a wider audience such that they can begin using the brand and hopefully make them loyal users. Here, you will need to understand the brand thoroughly in terms of what it does and what benefits customers stand to gain from using the product/service. Also, you will need to be a conversation starter since you will be approaching strangers.

Selling brands could take not more than four hours off your day, and hence it is quite flexible. Further, some brands pay so well that one might decide to make it the official job. However, a majority of the employers pay an average of $16 to $25 an hour.

Phone promoter

The smartphone industry is growing rapidly, and new brands are coming off the factories in quick succession. By Q3 2018, there were seven major smartphone companies worldwide, with over 40% of them coming from China. Interestingly, Samsung is the leading brand with Huawei, Apple, and Xiaomi following closely behind.

However, what is interesting is that smaller brands are coming up quickly and are fighting for the global market share. Interestingly, there is no better place for brand wars than Singapore. Due to the high standard of living, the city-state has a high concentration of high net-worth individuals with volatile tastes for smartphones. As such, there is a vast market for new and classy brands. This way, there is an excellent opportunity for phone promoters and demonstrators. Typically, such a job will earn you not less than $10 per hour.

This article was first published over at ZUU Online on 20 Febraury 2019. It is reproduced with permission.

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