Attending a polytechnic was the best decision ever made in my life

By mookanana

Attending a polytechnic was the best decision ever made in my life.

I aced my subjects with little effort, got to know many girls (really regretted not dating any since some seemed genuinely interested in moi) and had lots of time to pursue other interests, such as joining the choir.

Prior to this, I spent one year in a junior college; I couldn't stand the academic rigour and intense obsession with grades.... not to mention the boring school uniforms, teachers still treating you like kids and folks having to sing Majulah Singapura during daily morning assembly. To be frank I lost a fair bit of will to live back then, but got it all back in polytechnic and more.

I subsequently transferred to Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and took up a course in information technology. It was way more practical and imparted an abundance of relevant work-related skills as compared to thoroughly useless theoretical science/math crap one had to regurgitate in preparation for the 'O'/'A' Levels.

You are being treated as an adult in a polytechnic. If you desire to graduate, then secure minimum attendance at lectures and tutorials, complete your assignments and needless to say, pass your examinations. There ain't no more stupid CCA points to accumulate which IMO hinders your overall personal growth. No more teachers hounding you to submit homework - if you don't get your act together, expect to be slapped with a bad or fail grade, plain and simple. No more worrying about having to tuck in your shirt all the time, keeping your hair short or wearing 90% white shoes.

I reckon most courses grant you a certain amount of autonomy in choosing your lesson slots. Consequently you are able to plan your week in advance, and astutely determine when to go full throttle (or dial back a bit).

In short, you determine your way of life.

Till today, I am still left wondering about my somewhat misguided determination to go the JC route at the onset despite a modest performance for the 'O' Levels (scored a L1R5 of 17 btw).

Upon completing my polytechnic education I made the foolish mistake of applying to NUS to further my studies (in part because I thought it would make me look awesome that I was accepted into a top Singapore public university based on my excellent GPA).

I didn't even manage to last a year there; in the end I switched to studying for a 1 year RMIT degree (on account of polytechnic advanced standing exemptions).

Unlike most Singaporean youths, I have experienced pretty much everything within the local education system. I did a year of junior college, dropped out, finished my polytechnic course, sampled the curriculum at NUS, dropped out once more, then wrapped things up with a private university degree. In the process I have come to fully appreciate that I suck at studying, on the other hand I flourish upon gaining access to practical knowledge. As they say, to each his/her own.

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