Our 'high tech' examination cheating made it to BBC News

TL;DR – Famous again.

You might have seen this piece of news recently, about how a tuition teacher at a tuition centre helped six Chinese national students in Singapore cheat in their GCE O-Level examinations.

It was quite an elaborate scheme to be honest, worthy of a Netfix or TVB drama – depending on which you prefer.

The plot involved the students attaching Bluetooth devices onto their bodies and wearing skin-coloured in-ear earphones. The devices were linked to mobile phones, which were concealed under their clothing. The tuition teacher and her accomplice also attended the exams, having registered separately as private candidates, with a hidden iPhone affixed to their chests. They then purportedly used FaceTime to broadcast the exam papers back to the tuition centre who would then call the students individually, and read out the answers to them.

This “highly sophisticated” cheating has in turn gotten us into global news headlines, or at least, to BBC News.

Some noteworthy comments from international readers include:

This article first appeared on Unscrambled.sg. It is reproduced with permission.


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