Kids are getting out of hand these days

By Yuripa

I was at Serangoon Nex Shopping Mall and observed two incidents which happened 10 minutes apart.

Incident no. 1 : One Indian boy coming down the escalator started cursing loudly at 3 other boys (they were walking past in the opposite direction), threatening them verbally to watch out when the school term reopens.

The 3 boys (comprising 2 Indians and 1 Chinese) subsequently looked at one other and wondered what exactly they did to offend the boy. As this individual took another down riding escalator, everyone could hear him cursing loudly yet again and shouting "Stare what stare!!!". All parties involved were at most secondary 1 or 2 students.

Incident no. 2 : This young boy (at most 12 years old) was seen shouting at his mum and sulking in one corner. Kept on repeating and insisting that she doesn't love him. At one point he hurled Hokkien vulgarities at her. Turns out that they were supposed to catch a movie together (mom, dad, younger brother and him) however a commotion started because the rest of the family wanted to watch Black Panther, while the kid had another movie in mind.

The mum looks like she's in her early 40s, sporting uncombed blonde hair and a small tattoo on her chest. She just brought her younger son to one corner and looked from afar at her older son (who refused to budge and was continuously sulking away). Not once did she argue back with her elder son. In fact, she was waiting for him to cool down before attempting to talk sense into him.

What on earth is happening to kids nowadays?


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