Impending 'O' Levels results release: how to stay cool and calm

In a couple more weeks, the results for this year's 'O' Level examinations shall be released, and secondary school students who sat for it will discover if they qualify for entry into a polytechnic or junior college. Naturally, many young hearts would be thumping real hard at this point in time, some being nervously hopeful while others being consumed by a significant amount of trepidation. One thoroughly anxious lad has taken to Reddit Singapore to declare how he just couldn't stop worrying about things and contemplating the what-ifs , thus his plea for advice with regards to keeping himself properly distracted from the mentioned state of affairs. A netizen who goes by the moniker bluecheeseplate offers a variety of sensible methods to achieve this courtesy of his past experiences:

Aha, I was like you a couple years back. Literally every night I used to think about my potential results and, embarrassingly, cry my arse to sleep.

What helped me get better was to accept that, ultimately, it won't be the end of the world if you get bad results. Perhaps you won't get into that sexy JC or polytechnic course you wanted, but it isn't a dead end. There are multiple streams of education stemming from there; you just have to find them, and I can tell you that 'O' levels will be nothing more than a tiny speck of an event when you reminisce about it 3 to 5 years from now.

Personally, what helped me feel better was to talk to my pals about it. More often than not, they feel the same way too, and it's surprisingly therapeutic knowing there are people suffering similarly in the thought department. Point is, whatever you're feeling, someone out there probably feels the same way too.

If that doesn't work, you can try my infamously and probably not healthy method... google your problem. Find stories of others out there which draw parallel comparisons to yours, read about how they coped with the overwhelming mental anxiety. Again it is strangely therapeutic, and might offer more relevant advice since they actually face the same problems as you do.

If you want to completely block all them thoughts from your head, I might suggest you to do something you love. A hobby, or watching a movie, or catching up on a cartoon/drama series. Heck, go be a nerd and surf the internet. If they start creeping up on you once more, entertain yourself; purposefully create your own distraction. In my case, I surfed Tumblr and read fics for hours... well I was enduring a bad weaboo phase.

I'm not a master of advice, and all I can give to you are the 3AM ramblings of personal thoughts and mechanisms I used at your age; but I'm sure you'll be fine. Best of luck!

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Dated 26 December 2017


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