Reapplying to NUS Dentistry, what are my chances of getting shortlisted?

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I am a student interested in reapplying to NUS Dentistry. I did not get shortlisted this year, but I gather I still might have 2 more chances due to current NS obligations. Compared to last year, I have improved my application by taking SAT Biology and Chemistry, with both having near perfect scores. As for my NSF life, I am undergoing training at the Specialist Cadet School (SCS) right now, and am planning to include in my personal statement too as a way of showing my leadership qualities. I hope I can get shortlisted when I reapply next year, what do you think of my chances? Here are my grades for the Indian 'A' Level equivalent which I sat for (kindly note I do not have GCE 'A' Level Examination qualifications) :

English-90; Maths-92; Chemistry-88;Biology-86 and Physics-78

(Maximum attainable score for each subject is 100)

Extracurricular activities wise, I have volunteered at Science Centre Singapore as a science explainer; I am also a member at Mensa Singapore! I have shadowed dental officers at KTPH and HPB dental on internship attachments previously, so I know quite a bit about what dentistry holds for me. Its my passion to serve the community as a dental surgeon! Hope you can reply regarding this! Thanks for reading this! Also, how do I improve my chances to enter NUS Dentistry?

The Response:


It's great to hear that you have relevant internship experiences.

To reasonably improve your chances of admission, you can approach the faculty and university of choice directly to clarify admission matters.

We also need to clarify a few core issues. What is the name of the Indian 'A' Level equivalent you've taken? Have you confirmed with the NUS dental faculty by email if it is recognized by them?

If need be, you may wish to seriously consider taking the form of 'A' Levels that is more preferred/recognized by the faculty you're applying to, as a private candidate. I've been encountering more of such candidates in recent years.

The following may serve as a guide for us in deciding on the type of A level course codes to subscribe for, in University application:

Search function, to broadly learn about the types of ‘A’ Levels recognized by different universities from around the world:

Keep learning!

The student further added:

My highest level of education is Indian Standard 12(ISCB), you can have a look at the NUS website:

Will my current NS status also play a role in my application, currently in SCS and will graduate as a 3SG in three months. What else can boost my chances? I had googled so many times, but just cannot obtain a satisfactory answer to my question! Thanks, awaiting your reply!

The Corresponding Response:

I'm sorry. It seems that I'm not able to help you beyond this stage, other than ask you to consider contacting the following directly to clarify your queries:

Faculty of Dentistry. National University of Singapore, Singapore 119083

Tel : (65) 6772 5340

Dentistry Education: Ms Perina Chiang

Tel: (65) 6772 5341


As far as I know, NS can only lower, but not boost your chances in applying to good faculties.

Duncan Ang

(Senior Councilor: May 2013 - December 2020)

Answered On 20 October 2017