Frustrated Tutor: What should I do about possible non payment of tuition fees?

By michael_thm

A little background information: I am a private tutor who typically collect my fees at the end of the month. Lessons are held at my place so I am only in possession of the students'/parents' phone number. Over the past 20 years, I have been cheated only once by an episode of non-payment after the exams have been completed.

Presently I have a student under my charge whom I have been preparing for the 'O' levels which began only in recent months. And due to obvious time constraints, I only managed to get him up to speed on core topics examined for both Papers 1 and 2.

What exactly do I mean?

Short, simple questions are featured in Paper 1.

Long, tedious questions are featured in Paper 2.

In Paper 2, seven out of ten questions will almost definitely examine content taught in the following areas:

1. Algebraic fractions

2. Everyday Mathematics

3. Quadratic problem solving

4. Mensuration

5. Trigonometry

6. Statistics

7. Graphical solutions

The remaining 3 questions will most probably be related to whatever that hasn't yet been encountered in Paper 1. For example, number patterns, vectors, matrix, coordinate, geometry, probability and so on...

Situation is as such: we have one remaining lesson scheduled after the first paper which happens tomorrow, where the core motivation is to determine / predict the context of the above-mentioned remaining 3 questions which shall occur in the upcoming second paper.

I have been requesting payment since last month and till date kept receiving excuses delaying things which I have accepted in good faith thus far.

My question... since there exists a possibility that I might not be paid previously overdue fees at all before the final lesson... should I still proceed with it?

Update: Glad to say I just checked my account and payment has came in.

That said, was planning to go halfway between the 2 options. That is still proceed if not paid but only if contacted after the first paper. As in, not taking the initiative to schedule as I would have.

I will collect in advance from hereon to avoid being confronted with such moral dilemmas hopefully even while these situations are rare. There were a few times I end up collecting fees way much later than expected and while the remuneration isn't critical, doubts about human nature does prey on the mind and worsen moods. No point in possibly spoiling my own mood for entire weeks or even months.

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