Disappointed with MOE - GCE 'A' Levels (New Syllabus 2017)

By itsme220

My daughter took the Chemistry 'A' Level practical examination paper yesterday and that for Biology a couple of days ago.

The exam paper questions presented within were very difficult and it appears students were inadequately taught / trained to cope with the changes in syllabus. The main reason, I believe is attributed to the teachers themselves being unaware of the modified examination format. No model or sample questions were provided prior to the actual 'A' Levels. Everything appears new to both teachers as well as students.

Previous editions of the ten years series papers are now ultimately rendered irrelevant because of the implementation of the new syllabus.

I am disappointed with MOE, making the lives of students very difficult and causing them to lose confidence. At the end of the day students need to compete with not only those residing in Singapore , but their international peers as well . If a student desires to apply for an undergraduate course overseas, results matter a lot. University admission boards typically do not differentiate between whether students offered the Singapore-Cambridge 'A' Levels or the Cambridge 'A' Levels.

When I compared the Cambridge GCE 'A' Level papers with that of the Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'A' Levels, the syllabus of the latter seems far tougher and more advanced in comparison.

Murdering the self-esteem of hardworking, deseriving students just like this is so not good.

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