National University of Singapore (NUS),

Victoria Junior College (VJC),

Maris Stella High School (MSHS)

MSc in Chemical Engineering,

BSc in Chemical Engineering (Hons)

Full time private tutor

University Bridging Program,

'A' Level H1/H2 Chemistry Tuition,

IB (HL and SL) Chemistry Tuition,

'O' Level Chemistry Tuition,

IGCSE Chemistry Tuition

271 Bukit Timah Road, Balmoral Plaza, #02-17, Singapore 259708


Focus Chemistry - Where theory meets practice, where concepts are linked across chapters.

Having taught and practiced Chemistry for more than 2 decades, I have seen how the 'O'/'A' levels and IB syllabi evolved over the years. At Focus Chemistry, concepts are not just elucidated, but also applied through differentiated examination questions. In addition, there are many concepts which are made easy to remember and understand by using clear and impressionable analogies to aid in retention.

Besides teaching, I have been mentoring students' research projects in top schools such as Hwa Chong, Victoria and Dunman High. These projects are profiled in national and international level competitions. This is part of my personal passion for research, and I have been coaching IB students in Chemistry Extended Essays as well as Internal Assessment. Such knowledge and experience can easy be applied to the 'A' Level Practical Planning preparation. Besides training students in standard planning questions on various types of titrametric, gravimetric, thermometric and kinetic experiments, my students also get exposed to less commonly seen but interesting experiment planning problems such as those involving molar mass and mole ratio determination.

Additionally, at Focus Chemistry, students are taught special techniques of solving difficult questions in a fraction of the time that their peers spend. For example, at the 'A' Levels, structural elucidation organic questions are often daunting for many students. My students have learnt to like these questions as they are able to solve structures of unknown molecules using highly effective and super fast ways.

Finally, I always dedicate personal attention to each and every student, even though my classes could be conducted in a group setting. I make it a point to sit down with each student to analyse examination papers, and to pinpoint marks losses attributed to what I term the " 7 deadly sins" in examinations. From this regular analyses, my students are able to identify their area of weakness, which upon improvement, help pull up the grades for their other subjects as well.