To pompous gf who is studying Medicine, I am breaking up with you

Shit, I didn't think you'll go to NUSWhispers but alright since you want to know the reason why I refuse to meet "the clique", I'll tell you right here right now you toxic b***h. Are you aware of what you fellas talk about the whole time? School, and how tough it is in Medicine, Chemical Engineering, Law and whatever courses you guys are in. You typically go: "No offence, but arts students have it easy. Look at your timetable, you need only attend school for 2 days a week. We're only in our first year of studies and it's already sheer hell." Yada yada yada, that's all the shit you ever say. "No offence"? My ass. It's always about you, you, and you.

Yes, I studied in the same JC as you folks. Yes, we had fun. But when results were announced, it emerged that I did rather badly given for someone from our school. I wasn't granted entry to what you call better courses, degrees that are "worth the time", degrees that possess "value". I chose arts, I love what I'm doing, and I've met some of the best people around. I don't have rich parents like you. I don't have parents who are doctors or lawyers who can pave the road for you. I don't have parents who are businessmen who can afford to send you overseas. I've had enough of your constant whining, constant comparison and the diarrhoea that comes out of the wrong hole.

I know kind people who certainly do well enough academically to qualify for a place in Medicine like yourself, but however do not have the connections to get in. I see them being great doctors in the future. And then I look at you. I know you scored straight As, did well in interviews, have wonderful parents, etc. But you, who's not even half as kind as others, taking up a slot in the School of Medicine, while the kindest people I've met, who did well enough, going into nursing because their parents can't give them as much as yours can.

Why are horrible people like you in Medicine? I know that not everyone in the course behaves badly like you do. You can pretty much be the black sheep there. You want to give me the benefit of the doubt? Sorry, but I don't need it. I may have depression? You're the cause of my depression. I've experienced enough toxicity playing competitive in Overwatch; I don't need more, I don't need you. Bye, b***h.

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