"Dear Students,

we know that studying in the fast-paced, metropolitan city of Singapore can sometimes be tiring, frustrating and even stressful. It may seem like no matter how much effort you put in, the results just don't seem to show; no matter how well you manage your time, the workload just keeps increasing. We know that many are hanging on and hoping for the distant light at the end of the tunnel where all the academic clutter will finally disappear, and life is grand again. In the midst of stress, it it is inevitable that our mindsets might veer towards negativity and maybe even a sense of helplessness. As Singapore continues to strive as a global hub and as competition gets more intense, the need for self-care has never been greater!

We at Over-The-Rainbow would like to encourage you - to let you know that it is perfectly normal to take breaks in-between studying, to have some down time, to unwind and recharge from all the stress and the seemingly incessant challenges of the academic life! Some say that they cannot help but feel guilty if they take breaks when exams are approaching, for fear of ‘loosing out’ to their peers. On the contrary, these breaks may actually do you good by letting you stay clear-headed and more relaxed, and provide you with renewed energy to stay focused for the next leg. Self-care (or study breaks) can take shape in many forms, from a short 15-minute deep breathing exercise to an outing with friends or even a short trip to a neighbouring beach to let loose and relax. A 20-min jog in the neighbourhood or on a nature trail can also do wonders.

If you feel stressed out, or know someone struggling to get through, we at Over-The-Rainbow stand ready with our friendly 'Guardian Angels’ to help you talk things out or give you some friendly advice, via our Circle-of-Care online platform. You can find out more at:"