The flaws of Singapore’s education system

The PAP education system is an inevitable extension of the party’s long term survival and agendas. For Singaporeans to accept any claims about neutrality is absurdly irrational and folly.

From power concentration, structure, pedagogy, administration to curriculum and writing of texts, they have to be tightly and intimately interwoven to fulfill their desire to control and manipulate the minds of the people for the last 50 years.

Plenty to talk about in this aspects. Few can be who and what they are after 12-16 years of molding and manipulations. And if you are strong enough to hold your own in schools, the NS term for the young men will break you down till you know yourself no more. Instead, you will be in the box grudgingly doing the same thing as others. You fall in.

This is an authoritarian government obsessed with fear that the people will one day topple them, that the people will find out and be convinced of their agenda to own this country and sell it off later, that the people will see through their fake democracy and the ‘whiteness’ of the leadership and the party.

To manage their own fears they create and turn fears onto the people. The people carry their fears , amplify them and socialise them to the next generation so much so that we are always displaying and spouting their propaganda of fears. Fear that we can’t live without the PAP, fear that we are a little Isreal amongst the Muslims (of course you know who taught them one), fear that your children won’t make it in this meritocracy system (meant for their children and yours as eunuchs and intelligent slaves for them).

In a political system dominated and pervaded by fears and irrational behaviours by both the rulers and the ruled, does anyone expect true education?

Education in Singapore is about making us replaceable usable economic digits, to comply to their cues, and to worship them. Unfortunately, they have been so successful. As such, what do you see of educators? They are Singaporeans too.

Those who refuse to teach their lies will also be taken down. Any last Mohicans or Dare Devils left standing?

This article was first published over at TR Emeritus on 6 April 2016. It is reproduced with permission.


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