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The Beacon

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Vulcan Post

► 80% S'pore Teens Are Uninterested With Current Affairs. 4 NTU Undergraduates Want To Change That.

The Ridge Magazine

► New Year Resolutions Every NUS Student Has Made

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The Middle Ground

► It’s hard to teach the love of learning

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► In defence of Geography

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► TOC fights back, Minister’s speech throws up more questions about Benjamin Lim

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► Death of a boy: Dealing with officialdom is a big deal for kids

► Death of a boy: In silence, misinformation is king

The Eye

► No More MisZOgny: Zoe Adamopoulos’s work at UN Women

► Spotlight on Gabriella Zhao: how to become a 16 year old community activist

► Home alone: independent living in Singapore

► Semester at Stanford: transformative experience for SAS senior

Transient Workers Count Too

► TWC2 hosts nearly 200 students in a single week in March

The Independent

► Sound Bytes – Sonny Liew, art and Mulan Gallery exhibition

► Youth-led Campaign to Raise Awareness of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

► OTTOBIOGRAPHY: Letters from Students, and a Parent, 2007

► Music Instructor applicant had NUS degree in music but MOE asks if he had ABRSM

► Was TODAY’s report on Benjamin Lim in contempt of the Sub Judice principle?

Another Dot In The Blogosphere?

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Lil Blue Bottle

► National Gallery Singapore with kids

► The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye

► 3 great children’s books from Shalom Christian Media

► Really beautiful picture books

The Nanyang Chronicle

► Frankly, My Dear: It’s not interesting to be a woman