It costs $2.7k per year to study in a polytechnic.

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By Huiying

Guess what I found out today? It cost $2.7k per year to study in a polytechnic. I was so shocked cause i didn't know about that. Secondary school education costs about 30 bucks a month. That works out to about 300 per year but polytechnic costs like 9 times more?

Most people studying in junior colleges pay the same amount as they previously did in their secondary schools. it isn't as if after graduation, polytechnic graduates are paid 9 times more than JC graduates. The odds of polytechnic students enrolling in local universities are also much smaller compared to their JC peers. >.< Not forgetting that studying in a polytechnic instead of a JC means there will be a new Ez-Link card issued with which higher transport fares have to be paid instead of a lower flat rate. Remembering to tap out when alighting becomes a must else one pays for the entire bus fare distance - a habit which forgetful peeps must now cultivate. I am feeling a little confused and regretful... some people say that 'O' level students with single digit L1R5 scores must attend JCs lol... for what? I mean, if these academically inclined folks are really so smart, why would they wanna be bounded by societal norms? Whatever, I just want to lead a peaceful life. ^.^ Come to think of it, life is full of changes one has to constantly adapt to. Many remark it’s harder for polytechnic students to enter local universities as compared to their JC peers. Actually, is having a degree that important? There are many people who have degrees but are merely exam smart and can’t really think for themselves. Wouldn't an intellectual who is perhaps armed with lesser academic qualifications seem more interesting to be with ?

Oh, and the price of food is different too. I need food, like lots of food!!! I remembered seeing on my news feed that Germany offers free education all the way till the tertiary level for their folks. Really envy them. *.* Nvm, I'll be going overseas this week and then heading to Europe next month, so I can see for myself first hand :D . So bored yet flooded with so many thoughts. So, is studying in a polytechnic or junior college better???

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