MOE's handling of Shuqun Secondary bullying incident is weak and pathetic

By Mary Chia

I am a mother of 3 school going children. I am appalled at the school bully video but I am more disturbed by MOE's response to the incident. MOE say that the students involved have been counselled and advised on boundaries.

In other words, MOE is telling us parents nothing is going to happen to the bully. Is this the right kind of message we are sending to bullies these days? Is this the new style of parenting? Mollycoddling our young and shielding them from justified punishment and teaching them about shirking responsibility for their actions?

After this incident, because of MOE's utterly pathetic response, the bully comes out feeling stronger and bolder. The bully knows that just by acting remorseful, social media, MOE or the Principal cannot do anything to him because everyone is watching.

MOE is also telling Singaporeans that they intend to close the case and do not wish to look into lapses of the system in that school. Where was the teacher, why was a boy dancing on the teachers table and why was the class in a disorderly fashion??

This is just a pathetic, unjust way of handling the matter... Sadly, this MOE investigation is just shallow and useless. MOE need to wake up and learn to take tough action when appropriate. If not, our clever Singaporean youths will take advantage of your weakness and more such cases will follow. If in doubt just look at the many overseas examples.

Editor's Note: Shuqun Secondary has revealed an adjunct teacher was present in the classroom when the bullying took place.

This was reproduced with permission from editors of All Singapore Stuff.


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