Bullying incident at Shuqun Secondary: This school is really a disappointment

On 18 September 2015, a 52 second video clip of an alleged bullying classroom incident at Shuqun Secondary School was captured and posted online. It has since gone viral, and unsurprisingly many netizens have expressed outrage over what happened. A Facebook user Miss Dollie Nanayo Lim did not mince her words as she chastised both the Ministry of Education (MOE) as well as Shuqun Secondary's principal and discipline master:

"This isn’t the first time such a bullying incident has happened in the school. What exactly were the principal and discipline master doing? Why are most of the bullies from the school’s volleyball CCA? Discipline should be instilled in all students regardless of which CCA they pursue. I reckon caning is probably not even harsh enough to wake those bullies up. The principal of that school only wants to brush parents off so as to avoid unwanted media scrutiny.

Even the discipline master Mr Tang Chee Kuan who was a former police officer wasn’t capable of disciplining those notorious students. The principal, Chia Hai Siang, should implement tighter disciplinary protocols instead of simply focusing on academic results. If he is unable to manage, he should step down instead of ruining future generation of kids. These students might have a bright future if they are groomed with proper discipline. So MOE please stop closing one eye and specifically target what's really wrong with our younger generation instead of just harping on academic achievement.

Even if CCTVs are installed, bullying can still happen in the toilet. The victim involved should make a police report and never be afraid of bullies else the taunting at school will never cease. To all victims out there please stand up for yourselves and do not be afraid! The more you're afraid the more you're prone to get bullied!! This school is really a disappointment, both school management and discipline-wise."


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