JC or Polytechnic for me? (Response A)

This query comes from a student:


I just received my O level results, and got 9 points for my L1R5. I aspire to pursue a Bachelors of Engineering in Aerospace at NTU in the future, however I am rather torn between going to a poly (in this case aeronautical engineering @SP) and a junior college.

I believe the poly route would let me acquire ample hands on experience in the aviation field, but I am fearful I might not attain a GPA score good enough for entry into NTU. On the other hand, I know my chances of entering a local university are much higher statistically speaking if I pursue the JC route; then again I am not really interested in the regurgitation and rote learning style of A level subjects.

What should I do? Feeling very lost right now.

The Response:


Congratulations on your 'O' Level results.

You have obviously given plenty of thought to the pros and cons of taking either the Poly or JC route, which is great. Let me give you another perspective that might help you in your decision making.

Coming from the point of view of someone who has attended NTU, I would say that the JC route prepares you better for the academic rigour of a degree programme in Aerospace Engineering. I have seen many poly students struggle in university because of their weaker mathematical and physics fundamentals compared to JC students, and you can bet that the engineering curriculum in NTU (or any other university, for that matter) is pretty heavy on Math and Physics. With regards to industrial exposure, I don’t think JC students would lose out, as NTU provides plenty of opportunities for industrial experience via the industrial attachment programme. So my take is, go for the JC route.

Hope the above helps. All the best!


Eric Chng

(Councilor: May 2013 - December 2020)

Answered On 15 January 2015