A Response To The Open Letter Asking MOE To Cease Hiring Male Gay Teachers

Dear Sir or Madam, and the poster,

I am writing this open letter in response to another open letter that's been circulating online. I am advising you to go against their intention in the open letter, and this open letter is also meant to reach out to the poster. In that letter, it addresses the cessation of hiring gay teachers in response to the "many" cases of gay teachers sexually assaulting their students. The writer believes that this should be done as homosexuals are the small minority who "became teachers to satisfy their own immoral desires".

Not only is that extremely ignorant, it is also incorrect and very prejudiced.

First of all, out of the few cases the writer has talked about, in which gay teachers have committed sexual acts towards their students, it cannot be confirmed that they are in fact, gay. The offender may have assaulted males, but be attracted to females, and therefore a heterosexual.

In addition, there's been countless other cases of sexual assault by teachers towards the opposite sex, such as the female teacher who had sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old student. If we were to apply the poster's logic to this situation, is it not fair to then say that MOE should cease the hiring of all straight female teachers?

I would like to stress that acts of pedophilia are not acceptable by any means, but focusing on the sexuality of the offender in an attempt to discriminate is bigoted and selfish. A teacher's ability to teach is not lessened by the gender of the person they're attracted to.

Quite obviously, the poster isn't that educated if he/she believes that a person's teaching ability is directly proportional to the sexual control a person has, and as the Ministry of Education, I trust that an educated bunch like yourselves would know better than to listen to such an ignorant bigot.

I'd also like to say that there are more gay teachers teaching than you may think. Most of them do not come out, or only do so in front of their form classes, because they fear the treatment they will receive as a result of making these revelations. They are also quite anonymous because they do NOT commit sexual acts and as a consequence have their sexuality brought into serious question.

I believe that it is shallow to pass judgement on an entire group of people over cases committed by other individuals. If that were the case, would not all straight female teachers be rapists? Would this mean that all straight males cannot be trusted because of the fact that there have been cases of rapes committed by their demographic? If this makes any of you readers cry out in indignation, then I'm glad that you understand just how unfair it is to judge an entire demographic based on the mistakes of a few.

Finally, to directly respond to the words of the poster, 'I firmly believe that most of our teachers who entered the profession have regarded teaching as a noble case but I fear there is a small group of teachers who became teachers to satisfy their own immoral desires', the minority here are not homosexuals. They are the teachers who have committed sexual offences against their students, period. This minority does not contain only gay teachers, neither does it contain only straight teachers.

To MOE, I hope this can steer you away from the idea of ceasing the hiring of gay teachers, regardless of the support that "cause" might receive.

To the poster, I hope it gets through your thick, hollow skull that the logic and mindset you have is immature and prejudiced, and hopefully your thinking will become more mature over time.

Yours Sincerely,

An educated STUDENT, who does not think being in the presence of a gay teacher automatically compromises my safety


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