PAP government spreading propaganda through sec school Social Studies textbook

By Olivia Voon

This is what is being taught by the secondary 3 social studies textbook all over Singapore. My kid is learning PAP propaganda that the Medifund and Medisave implemented by the PAP government is a very good system that help Singaporeans pay for their healthcare bills. Is it necessary for my kids to learn 'how well' the PAP government is treating Singaporeans?

I believe this is propaganda at work. Obviously from my tone, you guys will know that I am not a big fan of the People's Action Party.

How can the government deceive students at such a young age into believing that they are so noble and kind?

In actual fact, we can't even use Medifund to pay for most of our $1000-$2000 medical bills, let alone the crazy figure of $100,000. I personally know many people who are unable to qualify for the Medifund treatment because they are not classified as 'dead poor' by the PAP government.

My son also told me that he learnt from the textbook that Singapore ministers effectively prevent corruption by drawing high salaries. This is also bullshit and a lot Singaporeans like myself do not believe that high salaries equals lower levels of corruption. Elected members of parliament(MPs) and ministers should join politics because they wish to serve the people wholeheartedly, rather than being enticed by the million dollar paychecks.

Such widespread propaganda and brainwashing conducted by the PAP on our school children is highly uncalled for. If the government is really sincere in teaching students about healthcare they should articulate the various free healthcare system in developed European countries all over the world as well as our neighbours Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

Obviously the PAP is not gonna include that in our kids social studies textbook because even a small kid can tell after comparison with other countries' healthcare systems that ours outright sucks!

I urge all parents to review your kid's social studies textbook and point out to them what is propaganda and what isn't.

Below are screenshots of the textbook in question:

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